Hiring info

My photo sessions are flexible and affordable, designed to make myself available to whatever comes along, and whatever you might need. I may also be able to come to you, even if it means traveling far and wide! Contact me at edlunasees@gmail.com with your thoughts or a proposal. Here’s a guide to the kinds of sessions I usually do:

5–10 final photos (selected by me and you, on the spot), 1 hour of shooting
Portraits, headshots, engagement, performance, or just about anything
Turnaround: 2–3-days (digital files only)

20–40 final photos, 2 hours of shooting
$100 (plus travel)
Turnaround: 3–4-days (digital files only)

50–100 photos, half-day of shooting
$150–300 (plus travel)
Turnaround: 4–5-days (digital files only)

100–200+ photos, half-to-full day of shooting
Wedding reception, anything with lots of people, more loving attention to final editing
$500–1200 (plus travel)
Turnaround: 3–4 days for a dozen or so selected “best of” photos; 7–10-day turnaround for full set (digital files only)

* REQUESTS FOR OLDER PHOTOS (late 2008–present):
This one goes out to those of you who have already been the subject of a portrait, whether it was published on Facebook or remains as-yet-unpublished (“Luna, I swear you took my picture, but I never saw it!” Oops…).

Request high-res, print-ready versions of those photos by sending an email (to edlunasees@gmail.com) with “Archive Photo Request” in the subject header, plus any details about the images you want. Better yet, just copy and paste or attach the actual images/thumbs you DO have.

The cost will depend on the number of photos you want, and whether I have them readily available (2012–2010 photos are readily on hand; photos dating back to 2009 and the beginnings of my DSLR career in late 2008 may take a little longer to find and prepare). $5 for each photo is a good rule of thumb. Turnaround time will vary, depending on what I’ve got going on, but 3–4 days is realistic.


This is where I get to remind you all that the real point of this site is to expand horizons (my own, and yours), so I am also you to inspire me, challenge me, and sponsor a mission. Start the research, make the initial contacts, and/or offer to fund it—it’s pretty much up to you. Perhaps you know I’m in Louisiana and you’ve watched something on the Travel Channel about say, a pig farmer in Cajun country. Find him, ask him if I can come do a photo session, throw me some funds to do it, and violà! You’ve helped create a post for Ed Luna Sees.

It’s not hard to get involved, since I’m always looking for ideas. This is especially true for things I’m less familiar with. Because let’s face it: most of you will never get the chance to do what I’m doing. I’m barely getting to do it myself. So put away the envy, and offer to collaborate instead. I’m pretty sure that if you’ve read any of this, you would prefer to see me get myself into a good heap of trouble—the more weird or poignant the better.

Besides, if it isn’t already obvious, I sometimes need a little…prodding. So send me up the Mississippi on a riverboat. Tell me to go make friends and do portraits with a rodeo clown, or a Mexican wrestler, or a burlesque dancer. Find the black church your grandmother used to talk about and send me there (and tell them I’m coming). Hire me to shoot a set of photos of some fabulous ___fill in blank___ you’ve heard of somewhere close to where I am.

Help me make things happen, and then watch the results come in, either here, or elsewhere. Let’s do this together. In the immortal words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard: “Let’s see what’s out there.”


What do you think?

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